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Our Mission:

To provide Affordable & Reliable Natural, Fresh, and Healthy Premium Food Products to all.

Our Vision:

Our aim is to provide health-E-food that helps people to live a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER & BETTER life.

Our Promise:

​​We only provide products that we eat. Because we are also living beings and consume the same food. 100% Safe. NO WORRIES!


Our health-E-story​​

How health-E-store Started?
"Dry Fruits & Nuts are too Expensive"

"Nuts Consumption Leads to Weight Gain"
"Millet is a poor man’s food & Cooking with millet is difficult"
"Seeds are for Health Freaks only"
"Healthy Food is only for Wealthy People"

​A year back in 2020, we have these impressions too. But after experiencing the COVID19 pandemic, looking at the news about unhealthy conditions, we understood that Healthy, Hygiene & Safety are the utmost prioritized things than anything else in one's life. Healthy Food Habits and Healthy Lifestyle plays a primary role and we came up with an idea to start something somewhere that helps to make someone's life HEALTHIER, HAPPIER & BETTER. 


What is health-E-store?

An idea came out of passion and there started the concept of health-E-store. health-E-store is an Online store, where you are able to get affordable + reliable quality health food products. 


What We Offer?

We focused to produce, process, and provide 100% Natural & Premium Quality Food items such as Dryfruits, Nuts & Seeds, Millets, Spices, and other Healthy Mom Made Snacks[Homemade Snacks Made by Mom with Love & Care] to your doorstep.  


A happy life comes from Healthy Food, and a Healthy Lifestyle makes you live Happier & Better. We understand that and we have decided to step in to fulfill the gap to provide affordable + reliable quality products. By taking up this role of Healthy Food Store, we make sure that the best & finest quality food is readily available for everyone.


We started out small now with a limited product range now, but we would like to expand our wings and make an impact in Healthy Food Supplies in India 

Our Blog:

​A healthy diet should be complemented with a healthy lifestyle as well. For all the health freaks out there, we are providing healthy lifestyle tips, healthy diet recipes, product benefits, information about health in our Blog section. Check them out to learn more about the best organic food choices, recipes, and latest trends. Subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter to stay updated and get exclusive offers too. 

​Business Opportunity:

If you are interested in getting our products for your store/outlets, we can supply the Health-e-Store branded products to you. Through us, getting healthy food in India has never been any easier. 

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Who We Are?

Our team is made up of Nature Lovers, Foodies, Health Freaks, Travelers, Movie buffs & Web geeks. 


Jitendra Kishore

Head - Product & Inventory Management, Sales Management


Harish Babu

Head - Accounting &

Finance Management, Order Fulfilment


Teja Sunil

 Head - Content Management, 

Social Media Strategist,

Digital Creator


Monika Kollu

Advisor - Senior Nutritionist,

 Clinical Dietitian & Columnist

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